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  6. Fill out this form and submit it to receive your personalized Mediterranean Style Diet Menu.
  7. Height is in inches, weight is in pounds
  8. Activity levels are described as: 1=low activity, 2=average, 3=very active.
  9. Similarly, Body structures are: 1=small frame, 2=average frame, 3=large frame.
  10. This program allows you to select the number of days you wish to take to reach your ideal weight. Obviously, if the time chosen is unrealistic, the data generated will prove to be unrealistic. As a rule of thumb, do not attempt to lose more than 2 pounds per week.
  11. The diet can last hundreds of days, but you can choose a meal plan to last 7 to 35 days, and recycle it.
  12. Read the instructions in the diet menu. Understanding these instructions and complying with them are essential to the success of this diet menu.
  13. Any diet that requires less than 1200 calories per day or more than 6000 calories per day is just not healthy or sustainable. This diet menu will reject unrealistic expectations. The minimum of 1200 calories has been chosen so that once your ideal weight has been achieved, you can maintain it with greater ease.

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